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5 Keys to Build an Audience of  Buyers on Social

Social media is essential for any business today and it can help your business in lots of ways including spreading awareness of your brand and giving you a platform to directly contact and engage your audience. 

Here’s how you can start building an active audience now:

1. Develop an Audience Growth Mindset

  • Positivity attracts people, and negativity drives people away
  • Be social, causal and  friendly, but don’t push sales
  • It takes a good amount of time to start seeing results 

2. Keep Your Audience Goal Front and Center

  • Each time you log on, be focused on your goals
  • Ask yourself:
    • Why do I want a bigger audience on social media?
    • What will it do for my business?

3. Know Where to Find Your Audience

  • The big five are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Each has a different character, functionality, and user base
  • Ask your customers where they like to spend time online

4. Show Up Every Day and Interact

  • Get started by spending a bit of time each day and creating a schedule
  • Make the best use of your time by customizing your news feed
  • Start small and then scale up when you start seeing results

5. Always Have a Call-to-Action

  • Get your audience engaged by  asking questions, sharing news and tips, or joining discussions
  • Always include your CTA
  • For higher engagement, find the best times to post


Use these simple tips to keep your social media strategy aligned with the over goals of the business.


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