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Finally, there is a partner that understands the hustle and bustle of starting and growing a small-to-medium sized business We transform business challenges from monolithic to manageable with an array of affordable microservices.

We keep business simple

"Keep it simple" is the single most important piece of business advice we can give about business.

BizUp keeps it simple with ten (10) microservices to drive your business.


Business Plans | Mastermind | Resource Management | Campaigns | Legal Entity | Messaging | Coaching


Strategy | Naming/Identity | Slogans | Logos | Color Palettes | Profiles | Blogs


Productivity Tools | Document Management | Digital Filing | Workflows | Human Resources | Accounting | Business Processes


Digital Marketing | Letterhead | Business Cards | Profile Pictures | Banners | Print/Radio/TV Ads | Flyers | Brochures


Webinars/Seminars | Training Materials | Classroom Rentals | Presentations | Leadership Training | Team Building | Agile/Scrum | IT | IoT


Content Management | Website Development | IT Services | Mobile Applications | Email/Direct Marketing | CRM/ERP | Ecommerce


Customer Strategy | Corporate Finance | Business Units | Emerging Markets | Performance Improvement | Operations | Digital


Industry Profiles | SWOT Analysis | 9-box Model | Surveys | Focus Groups | Keyword/SEO Research | Advanced Analytics


Office Space | Virtual Offices | Co-working | Meeting Rooms | Cloud Phone Systems | Office Supplies | Mail & package Handling


Google Cloud | Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Microsoft Azure | Web Hosting | Cloud Storage | IoT | Social Media Profiles

We help SMBs succeed

BizUp is a partnership of dedicated business owners who provide affordable microservices for businesses of all sizes. We remove the intimidation and isolation of business ownership. Let the BizUp network accelerate your business through growth and towards maturity.

Where is your company in the business lifecycle?

Stage 1: Seed and Development

You have a business idea and it's time to to take the leap. Next up; VIABILITY. Friends and family may be a good source for opinions, but market readiness, resource assignment, and planning your launch should be left to the experts.

Stage 2: Startup

The riskiest stage in the business lifecycle is also the most exciting. First impressions, adaptability, and tweaking your product or service will drive your success. We help eliminate the noise and provide clarity to get your business on the road to success.

Stage 3: Growth and Establishment

The business is generating consistent income. The new challenges are managing demands, new customers, handling competition, and expanding your workforce. Establishing order, cohesion, and defining your role as head of the company is more important than ever.

Step 4: Expansion

Running the business has become routine, the staff is in place to handle the day-to-day, and company has established a prescence in the industry. New offerings and new geographies take center stage. This phase requires careful planning and risk mitigation.

Step 5: Growth and Establishment

You have succesfully expanded your business and the company is having stable results year-over-year. In general, there are two choices: Expand Further or Exit the Business. What's best for the business? What's best for you? Full or partial sale? Private or public offering? We can help with this journey.

Upcoming Events

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Facebook Standup
Wednesday, May 02, 2018 @ 11:00am
Sponsor: Vendaetta Systems

Develop good, daily business habits with a stand-up meeting. Daily stand-ups are core practice for self-organizing teams and a mechanism to regularly synchronize the team's daily activities.

Honest Business Practices
Thursday, May 17, 2018 @ 07:00pm
Sponsor: Ukweli LIFE!

Integrity in business does not pay? This is not true. There is an important corporate movement to bring honesty and ethics backs to business. Learn 6 ways for leaders to demonstrate business ethics and integrity.

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